Summer Drink Recipes

The Mixologists at Datz in Tampa have created a few summer cocktails and shared the most popular Tiki cocktail concoctions with METRO. It’s Tiki time!




Endless Summer

1 oz      Bernheim Wheat Whiskey
1 oz      Rhum Clément COCO
1 oz      Passion fruit mix
1 oz      1/2 and 1/2
.5 oz     lime
.5 oz     lemon grass
4           mint leaves


2 oz    Kraken Black Rum
1 oz     Coco Lopez
.5 oz    Mandarin tangerine puree
4 oz     pineapple juice

Combine ingredients and shake for 15 seconds
Pour over ice
Garnish with ground nutmeg, 2 pineapple leaves,
a tropical umbrella and a seahorse stir stick

Kelly Kapowski

1.5 oz    Herradura Reposado
.5 oz      Prickly pear syrup
.5 oz      lime juice

Combine all ingredients and shake for 15 seconds
Staring into a glass over ice
Top with splash of Tidal Boar Ginger Beer
Garnish with an edible orchid

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