This holiday season is the perfect time to gather around and make memories. Whether you’re getting together with family or throwing a party with friends, the festivities are sure to be merry and bright.

The warmest greetings of the season are those that bring people together. Celebrations are best with family, friends and food, and no celebration is complete without an enjoyable cocktail.  Keep things festive this year with these delicious cocktail recipes.



The Apple Claus


  • 1 1/2 oz Four Roses Bourbon Small Batch
  • 3/4 oz Apple Cinnamon Tea syrup
  • 1/2 oz Lemon Juice
  • Dash of angostura bitters



Shake and strain into a chilled coupe and top with sparkling wine (prosecco, champagne or Apple Cider.)

Garnish with an orange twist or apple slice.

*Recipe courtesy of Laura Moore at The Epicurean Hotel Edge rooftop bar 


Christmas Lights Out


  • 3 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • 1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
  • 1 dollop maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • Top off with low fat milk



Mix with ice and enjoy!


The Rumpus


  • 1 1/2 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • 3/4 oz lemongrass, green apple and cranberry infused simple syrup
  • 3/4 oz cranberry Juice
  • 1/4 oz fresh lemon juice



Combine ingredients in mixing glass.

Shake, pour into martini glass and serve.

Garnish: Skewer of cranberries

Glass: Martini

Mixologist: Abdul Ford



Tito’s Candy Cane Martini



  • 2 1/2 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • 1 drop of peppermint oil (make sure it’s only one drop, peppermint oil is strong)
  • 1/4 oz grenadine syrup
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup (see recipe)



Shake ingredients, strain into a martini glass with a crushed candy cane rim.

Simple Syrup recipe:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup hot water

Add sugar to hot water and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Garnish: Candy Cane rim: crush candy canes by putting a few in a strong zip-loc bag and break them up with a meat tenderizer, hammer, etc. until they resemble margarita salt.

Glass: martini glass

Mixologist: Max Hinojosa from Austin, Texas




Pomegranate Mojito

Cuban tradition meets the bright, modern flavor of pomegranate.



  • 1 1/2 parts BACARDÍ SUPERIOR
  • 1 part Liber & Co. Real Grenadine
  • 1/4 part Rocks Mix (fresh lime juice and sugar)
  • 1 part Club Soda
  • 9 each Mint Leaves



Gently muddle green mint leaves with the grenadine in a mason jar. Add the rocks mix, rum, and ice and shake for five seconds. Top with club soda and garnish with a fresh mint leaf.






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