Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay Launches Givenchy Beauty


Fashion lovers are familiar with the style and trends of Givenchy — known for French Haute Couture since 1952 and now makeup lovers will be happy to know that Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay now carries the Givenchy Beauty Line. The Givenchy Beauty products will only be carried in six Neiman’s nationwide and Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay is one of them.

Front and center inside Neiman Marcus, the Givenchy line ranges from skincare products including the Mist Me Gently that refreshes and hydrates the skin creating a dewy finish and and releases the metabolic energy within the skin. The Blue Line, as it was referred to by Chicago National Makeup Artist, Kristy Noga, promotes hydration, healing and plumping. Many of the beauty products are designed with a leather wrapper from the fashion line and are just as beautiful on the outside, as the product on the inside. All the makeup is made in Europe and uses natural ingredients, no animal testing and contains no parbens or added fragrances. The Le Rouge lipstick is long lasting with a range of pigments that will last all day and can also double as a blush when applied to synthetic brush.

Givenchy has an array of fragrances and the newest, Rose Ardente, is a spicy and floral scent made with black caviar rose and chili pepper.

Visit Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay at International Plaza to sample and discover the Givenchy Beauty Line.










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