Bring the signature dish of New Orleans’ cuisine into your kitchen with the delicious Mumbo Jumbo Seafood Gumbo recipe from Roux. On October 12, guests who dine at Roux will be offered a complimentary tasting portion of gumbo to every diner in celebration of the holiday.

Roux, located in Tampa on MacDill Avenue, takes guests on a culinary journey through New Orleans, creatively weaving together the eclectic cuisines of The Big Easy with the staple dishes of Southern cuisine that Floridians know and love. With a menu and kitchen helmed by renowned Louisianan chefs, you can bet Roux’s gumbo, made with Gulf shrimp, blue crab fingers, Gulf redfish, crawfish and white rice, is top-notch.



Mumbo Jumbo Seafood Gumbo
Tampa, Florida

Yields 6-8 servings

2 gallons Shrimp stock (shells from peeled shrimp)
2 tsp Minced garlic
2 cups Chopped celery
2 cups Chopped yellow onion
1 cup Chopped green pepper
¼ cup Tomato paste
1 ½ cup Dark roux (2 cups of flour, 2 cups of canola oil)
2 tbsp Salt
1 tsp Black pepper
2 tsp Granulated garlic
1 ½ tsp Cayenne pepper
¼ tsp Celery salt
2 each Bay leaves
1 lb Crawfish meat, with fat
1 lb Redfish chunks
1 lb Shrimp (16/20)

Make your roux. Cook on medium in a frying pan until the roux is the color of a penny, but do not scorch.
Add vegetables and stock to a large pot.
Add your roux, cook on medium and let it reduce.
Add tomato paste. Let simmer for up to 2 hours.
Add seafood and let simmer for 15 minutes.




Roux is located at 4205 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL 33611
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