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Faces of Tampa Bay Metro - Michael Lundy

The Face of Family Law
Michael Lundy
Older, Lundy & Alvarez


Meet Michael Lundy, Older Lundy & Alvarez’s Managing Partner and one of its two founding partners. He’s been practicing law since 1999 and he has built one of the largest family law practices in the state of Florida. Michael knows when to be aggressive and when it’s time to try to insert some calm into a situation. He always uses common sense, and he also has a background in corporate finance and complicated business transactions, which gives him a unique ability to handle complex financial issues in a manner that most family law attorneys simple cannot.

Michael is family-oriented, personable, and often recognized for his availability, work ethic and compassion. He has a reputation as both a tenacious trial attorney and a highly skilled collaborative attorney, which is a rare combination.

Michael is a Yale graduate and a Florida native, another rare combination. He has leveraged his firm’s success in marital and family law to expand into other areas of law, including personal injury, business litigation, real estate, corporate, tax and estate planning, which now enables the firm to handle almost any issue its clients may have.


Older, Lundy & Alvarez
1000 West Cass Street
Tampa, FL 33606







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