Older Lundy & Alvarez recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the construction of its new office building in the North Hyde Park area of Tampa, at 1000 West Cass Street.  

This premier law firm not only is a leader in the legal community, but is also among the first businesses to relocate to this area, helping to pave the way for the rebirth of this      neighborhood, which has since seen a flurry of development.   

The eye-catching building was designed as a modern adaptation of the traditional brick industrial construction that was common in the neighborhood. The new office building is home to a team of highly accomplished attorneys who handle cases involving marital and family law, estate and probate law, corporate and tax law, business litigation, real estate and personal injury. 

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Older, Lundy & Alvarez 1000 West Cass Street, Tampa, Florida 33606 • 813-254-8998 • Fax: 813-839-4411 • www.olalaw.com






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