Marc Bouwer
A Designer For New Hollywood Glamour


CITY, the 9th Annual Fashion Fundraiser for the Tampa Museum of Art, will showcase the designs of New York’s celebrity fashion designer, Marc Bouwer, who has created stunning gowns for Beyoncé, Oprah, Shania Twain, Angelina Jolie and more. METRO had a chance to chat with Marc, who grew up in South Africa and moved to New York City after winning the South African Vogue Young Designers Award, and was a protege for Halston, before starting his own company.

METRO: What can guests expect at CITY this year?

Bouwer: It is going to be a spectacular show. It’s going to be fun, dramatic, sexy and daring. The interior of the  museum is such an artistic venue and we will combine three of my latest collections with 60-70 pieces to be shown.  

M: How did you become involved with CITY and Tampa Museum of Art?

B: I did a spectacular poolside charity fashion show fundraiser for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charity, at the home of Kari & Todd Wagner. It was such a success and I was invited to be the designer this year. 

M: Where do you find inspiration? 

B: I find inspiration everywhere. New York is a hub and there is so much visual activity to look at. Women are an inspiration and I grew up watching the old Hollywood goddesses in black & white movies.

M: Who are some of your favorite women that you have designed for?

B: One of the most memorable was Angelina Jolie. I created that white satin slip dress that she wore for the Oscars. Jolie was coming out from her wild child days and into this role as a philanthropic woman. It really put me into another fashion league. I also did seven videos with Shania Twain and created that signature hooded leopard coat and travel case in the desert video, That Don’t Impress Me Much. I’ve great memories of working with Whitney Houston creating her wedding dress, maternity clothes and outfits for her world tours and videos. Currently, Beyoncé is great to work with. I did that white sequin floor length gown for her concert for World Humanitarian Day. I love working with Emily Blunt. She is so down to earth. 

M: What is a typical day?

B: I’m really a late night owl, so mornings can give me trouble. My dog wakes me up and is my alarm clock. I have a green shake, as I’m a vegan. I walk to the subway and go down to my office, where I spend the day designing and seeing clients. I’m also working on a digital art collection. I studied art in school, not fashion. I photograph models and things on the street and then re-color and digitize. Most are abstract faces and landscapes. 

M: Where is your favorite place to relax?

B: I’m a beach bum and love the outdoors and animals. I like The Pines (FIP – Fire Island Pines), as there are no cars and dogs are allowed on the beach. I can leave all my troubles behind. I also really like the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. It is close and private. 

M: What are a few of your favorite spots in Tampa Bay?

B: I’ve been to the Don CeSar and I really was surprised at how gorgeous the beach and the white sands are. I also recently stayed at the Le Meridian. 

M: What is your best fashion advice?

B: Get undergarments that fit. It really makes a difference on how a body is supported. A designer needs some help too.

M: What is next for Marc Bouwer?

B: I have a lot left as a designer. I would like to head a big house from a big designer, to take on the role as a creative director. I’m also building my digital art business, as that was my first love. It is the pleasure of creative things.


CITY: Fashion+Art+Culture
September 22, 2018
Tampa Museum of Art
For information, visit
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