Colin Chan, M.D.
Personalized Concierge Program & Regenerative Medicine


Specialties: Bioidentical Hormones, Chelation Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy


Whether you are facing health challenges or feel you are healthy, there are proven methods to significantly reduce risks of many common problems such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancers, memory decline and dementia, that can be implemented now to restore youthful health and improve longevity through early risk factor detection. These are the goals at one of Tampa Bay’s premier integrative physicians, Dr. Colin Chan. For over 20 years he has combined both traditional and innovative treatments to create a personalized approach for each of his patients. Dr. Chan is Board Certified in Family Medicine (USA and Canada), Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and Chelation Therapy. He is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as Western Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine.

By artfully combining these modalities, many patients report feeling more successful in managing their conditions and regained both their vitality and happiness. He specializes in the management of thyroid disorders and bioidentical hormones, including offering pellet therapy, for both women and men, to optimize health and reduce risk of diseases associated with aging. Patients can also receive regenerative treatments using stem cells, exosomes, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). He has personally networked with many of the area’s top physicians to help him provide the best care possible for his patients.

Services Offered:
• Comprehensive Integrative Care for all ages with Dr. Chan and two Nurse Practitioners
• Option to join a personalized concierge program (annual routine, comprehensive diagnostic physical & year-long, 24/7 communication with Dr. Chan’s guidance on implementing annual exam health goals)
• Chelation Therapy to remove toxic metals and harmful environmental pollutants, Vitamins, Ozone, and Antioxidant infusions
• Regenerative Medicine procedures for joint arthritis, declining vision, memory loss, hair loss, restore health to aging skin
• Personalized nutritional program using genetic testing
• Weight Loss Treatments


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