Angel Sanchez
Photo: Dora Franco


The runway at CITY 2019 will exclusively feature the Spring 2020 collection from Venezuelan Fashion Designer, Angel Sanchez. To celebrate his 30 years as a fashion designer, Sanchez, whose first runway show was in an art gallery in Caracus, Venezuela, will showcase his new collection in the magnificent space at the Tampa Museum of Art. Sanchez describes his creations as feminine and elegant and avoids excesses to achieve a modern and clean look. METRO had a chance to speak with Angel Sanchez about   his inspirations and expectations for CITY 2019. 


METRO: What inspires you and your fashion creations?

SANCHEZI am inspired by several things … sometimes working directly with a client and listening to her needs, being in my atelier experimenting with fabrics on a mannequin, or in unexpected ways such as: walking along the street, doodling while on the phone, enjoying a glass of wine. It comes so suddenly, that’s why I always keep a pencil and sketchbook with me.

M: Who is your muse?

S: Audrey Hepburn, my all-time favorite muse.

M: What is your favorite fashion era and legendary contemporary fashion icon?

S: The 50s — Golden Age of Haute Couture and Cate Blanchett… sophisticated, modern and intelligent.

M: Fool proof fashion must have item? 

S: The classic, but necessary “little black dress.

M: If you could have been anything, other than a fashion designer, what would you have been?

S:  As a child, I wanted to be a painter or a contemporary dancer, maybe it has an association with freedom and expression.

M: What makes the relationship between art and fashion critical?

S: What is fashion if not wearable art, right? The meeting point between art and fashion is summarized in aiming at self-expressionism, without forgetting they are both part of the creative world.

M: Why is it important for museums to showcase fashion?

S: It is exciting and at the same time interesting that today, fashion is present in the best museums of the world. It is a high validation that fashion is also an artistic expression that deserves to be recognized and exposed in art exhibition spaces. Fashion creates trends that will mold and influence cultures in general.



CITY: Fashion + Art + Culture
September 14, 2019
Tampa Museum of Art

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