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Luis E. Crespo, M.D.


Specialties: Comprehensive Injury Care and Rehabilitation, Non-Surgical Spine Care


Dr. Luis E. Crespo is a renowned physician with more than 30 years of medical experience, including Director of Emergency Medicine at St. Anthony’s Hospital and 13 years as Director of Emergency Medicine at Town and Country and Memorial Hospitals in Tampa. Established in 1998, Crespo and Associates, P.A. offers a full service rehabilitation center focusing on non-surgical treatment for pain relief and recovery.

Dr. Crespo has created a unique multidisciplinary facility specializing in the treatment of patients injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. By utilizing the most advanced non-surgical techniques available, the staff at Crespo and Associates help to increase their patients’ physical flexibility and strength, thus helping them return to their daily activities, work and favorite recreation.

With an open MRI scanner onsite, Crespo and Associates provide diagnostic imaging to begin addressing spinal injuries immediately. Utilizing electro- diagnostic testing protocols, also assures a proper diagnosis resulting in a treatment plan designed specifically for each patient.

Additional services include injection therapies, massage and physical therapy, computerized strength training using state-of-the-art MedX equipment, spinal decompression technology for lower back and neck pain, and a full physical therapy department under the direction of a Masters Level, Physical Therapist.

Through training and with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Crespo has been able to assemble the perfect team to take care of all patients’ injuries. Whether patients are in pain due to an automobile accident, a personal injury or a chronic condition, a referral is never needed to be seen at Crespo and Associates.

“Accidents Happen … at Crespo and Associates, So Do Recoveries.”


Crespo and Associates, P.A.
5041 West Cypress Street
Tampa, FL 33607
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