Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali’s Spain


To create this special exhibition, The Dali invited Clyde Butcher, the renowned nature photographer often called “Florida’s Ansel Adams,” to explore and visually document Salvador Dali’s homeland. Clyde Butcher: Vision’s of Dali’s Spain provides a technically brilliant, epically scaled view of Dali’s beloved environs,  to creates a euphoric experience of immersion.

For Salvador Dali, the landscape of his homeland was always an essential feature of his work and outlook on life. He would often proclaim that the Catalonian coastline was the most sublime in the world, and the perfect place for someone “to become Dali.” Nearly a year ago, The Dali Museum sought out Butcher to use his talents to capture a body of photos of Dali’s Mediterranean home, featuring some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. Viewers are invited to not only appreciate the splendor that Dali saw in this part of Spain, but also to contemplate his homeland from a new perspective. Butcher traveled to the village of Cadaques where Dali spent summers growing up, Dali’s villa in Port Lligat and the rugged area of Cap de Creus – all areas that are prominently featured in Dali’s works. The thoughtfully curated collection will feature 41 photos that take viewers on a journey through the Catalonian region, with images ranging from an intimate 2 feet to a panoramic 8 feet in width. The show will be Butcher’s first photo exhibition of Spain, as well as the first time he has been commissioned to photograph an area that influenced another artist.