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Relevant Design For All Time


No corners were cut and quality was never compromised, despite the intricate and elaborate architectural design and globally-sourced, one-of-a-kind features and finishings found, within this custom-built Island Estates residence, located between Clearwater Beach and downtown Clearwater.

Several years passed from the time ground was broken for the waterfront home, offering eastern views of Clearwater Harbor from its backyard, until it was move-in ready. The work is now complete and the wait has ended, as commissioned paintings have been hung in place, wine cellar racks filled and final touches were finally applied.

Within the walls of the 10,000-square-foot, four-floor residence, are subtle details that delight and non-traditional touches that intrigue. Corners weren’t cut, but instead, were frequently bypassed in favor of curved walls and windows that can only fit with specially designed banquettes, made without seams, custom wooden cabinetry and melted glass, molded to sit snugly against a rounded surface.

“Curves, circular patterns  and wavy lines offer softer, and more whimsical alternatives to rigid corners, harsh angles and severe surfaces,” noted Rob Bowen, principal of Rob Bowen Design Group of St. Petersburg.


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The resulting timeless design, and accompanying effortless lifestyle, are the culmination of a collaborative process involving hundreds of diverse, talented tradesmen, plus the discerning eye of Bowen, who first became involved with the  project five years ago.

From the main level, the open floor plan, a multitude of windows and multi-floor-high ceilings, afford unobstructed views of the wide open waterfront. A similar view from the third floor master bedroom makes it seem like the house has the well populated island it occupies all to itself.

Similarly, it’s more about what you don’t see that gives the entire home a sleek, singular style that is contemporary, but not trendy.


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Bathroom mirrors, speakers, light switches, outlets and control panels, are mounted flush with the walls and blended into their backgrounds to make them less conspicuous. Kitchen drawers slide open to reveal drawers-within-drawers and pocket doors slide out of sight into the walls.

The unrelenting quest for nothing but the best materials and workmanship endured, throughout the time it took to fully construct and furnish the five-bedroom, eight-bath house.

“There are perfectly executed, subtle details that spark questions and add mystery,” said Bowen.


Some elements even defied  convention and required newly concocted solutions to make the concepts work.
A seven-foot high, 17-foot wide second story window, that overlooks the main floor from the fitness center, first had to be made and then hoisted into place. Not easy to do since this was a single, seamless piece of glass. Countless LED lights, distinguishable only when they are illuminated, are tastefully integrated to create soft accents throughout the interior, including around the base of the free-standing circular shower and the combination kitchen island and dining counter.

A 180-foot vertical chandelier made from fabric and delicately molded plastic, descends from the second to the first floor. Another dramatically designed lighting fixture features two miles of silver cable, that have been artfully draped to make the metal cascade like falling water. The dining room, that easily accommodates a circular table seating 10, overlooks floor-to-ceiling curved windows facing the tree-shaded residential street. When the lights are on at night, the space glows like a giant crystal ball.


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From the wall mounted Moroccan- style bowls to the handwoven rugs, to the bathroom sinks that cast a red hue on hot water and create cold water that appears blue, there are untold ways the house has been accented with what Bowen refers to as “sprinkles of jewelry everywhere.”

“It’s all very soft, organic and clean, not stark. It’s really relevant for all time.”       M











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