A delicious dinner option at Roy’s includes the new Global Tasting Menu, offering a taste of Japan, available through April 30. We recently had a chance to taste the Global Tasting menu and it was delicious!

Inspired by Roy’s Japanese heritage, playfully interpreted by the restaurant’s unmistakable fusion style is Roy’s new Global Tasting Menu series, a three-course prix fixe menu. Start with a choice of Hamachi Sashimi or Short Rib and Mushroom Dim Sum. We enjoyed the heartiness and flavors of the three Short Rib and Mushroom Dim Sum served in a soy-based sauce.

blankWhether you are a meat or fish lover, the second course offered a selection of either 14-ounce Mongolian Glazed Pork Chop served with wasabi mashed potatoes and a star anise reduction or a Togarashi Spiced Seared Salmon with honshimeji mushrooms, edamame and a nori vinaigrette. The wasabi mashed potatoes packed just the right amount of heat and was perfectly paired with the pork chop. The salmon was cooked to perfection and set atop a delicious blend of veggies.


For a finale, choose a Yuzu Curd or one of Roy’s signature desserts. We had the Pineapple Upside Down Cake and the Hot Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – both were a sweet way to end a great dining experience.

The prix fixe Taste of Japan is $35.


Roy’s is located at 4342 W. Boy Scout Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607
For reservations for the limited-time Global Tasting Menu call 813.873.7697


—By Ronda M. Parag