blankDr. Lisa Koche with Spectra Wellness Solutions has created an informative way to connect with the Tampa Bay community, and beyond, with an informational and inspirational Facebook LIVE session each morning. “I want you to feel supported and informed during this time,” said Dr. Lisa Koche. The session is less than 10 minutes and each day, Dr. Lisa Koche provides a scientific update of COVID-19, where she has reviewed the latest research, and provides facts and the most up-to-date trends involving the virus.

Next, Dr. Koche suggests tips to help her patients, and those watching, do something that will help themselves or their families. So far, tips have suggested to add house plants to your environment, or simply open up the windows and doors to get fresh air into your home. Other suggestions involve how to breath to reduce stress, and increase lung capacity, and the use of vitamins to improve the immune system. Koche suggests that research shows that IV Vitamin Therapy can aid in specific health conditions, boost energy and immunity, and help with athletic training and recovery. IV Vitamin Therapy perhaps can help improve the immune system and assist in the bodies fight of COVID-19. Spectra Wellness offers a variety of IV Vitamin cocktails and can be scheduled through their website and app. Koche recommends taking vitamins A, D, C, as well as a few others.

The daily session ends with an affirmation that viewers can use to create what Dr. Koche says is “a warrior mode in our thought patterns.” This weeks affirmations include: “I am empowered, resilient and strong,” and “I look around and seek gratitude in all aspects of my life.”

Watch the daily sessions on Facebook LIVE at Lisa Saff Koche, Instagram @dr.lisakoche, or for more information visit


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